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Learning disabilities and serious mental illness

Update 20/04/21

If you think you or a loved one fall into this category and have not yet been called for your first dose, please email




The Welsh Government has made it clear that it’s approach is inclusive, which means no one who is vulnerable in these groups is missed or left behind.

If you or a loved one are already registered with your GP practice as having a learning disability or severe mental illness, you or they will automatically be called for vaccination under group 6.

Our community mental health and learning disability teams, partners in local councils and charities and, where appropriate, specialist services such as substance misuse services and families and carers will also be asked to identify whose with learning disabilities and mental illness who should be prioritised for vaccination under group 6.

If you or a loved one live in supported accommodation, you or they will also be contacted for vaccination.

Vaccinations should start on Monday, March 8th and run until April 19th. However, this is dependent on vaccine supply.

Most of the vaccinations will be done in GP surgeries. But if you are registered with Abertawe Medical Practice, Brunswick, Nicholl Street, University, Dyfed Road, Uplands & Mumbles and Mount surgeries, you will be called to a Mass Vaccination Centre (MVC.)

Some patients registered with Fforestfach Medical Group, Victoria Gardens and Kingsway practices may also be called to an MVC.

Go to this page on the Welsh Government website for the full guidance on vaccinations for individuals with a learning disability or severe mental illness.


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