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Flu vaccinations

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Flu: It's just a bad cold right?

No. Flu can be very serious, even for those who are otherwise healthy.

It can leave you feeling very unwell and while most people will recover within a few days to a week or so, it can lead to complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia, which may need treatment in hospital.

Babies, pregnant women, older people and those with underlying health conditions including respiratory and heart disease are more likely to suffer from complications.

Flu is a virus which circulates every winter. But this year an increase in social mixing and contact following the easing of Covid restrictions is likely to result in a rise in cases.

We may also see Covid-19 and flu circulating at the same time, so it's very important to get protected.

Go to the Public Health Wales website for detailed information on the vaccination programme, the vaccine itself, who is eligible for a free flu vaccine and how to get it.

Go to this page on our website for details about the children's flu vaccination programme in Swansea Bay, including timetables for flu vaccinations in schools.




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