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Spinal injections/ Spinal Surgery


Following assessment in CMATS your clinician may decide that you need to have a scan of your back or neck to investigate for nerve compression. This can cause symptoms such as leg pain (‘sciatica’), or arm pain (‘brachial neuralgia’). Sometimes symptoms also include numbness; pins and needles or weakness.  If the scan confirms a potential nerve compression in your neck or back, and the pain in your arm or leg is severe, your clinician may organise for you to have a Spinal injection or may refer you on to see a Spinal Consultant to consider treatment options including spinal surgery.

The British Association of spinal Surgeons have created a very comprehensive website which provides detailed information about common spinal complaints and treatments that may be offered to assist these complaints.  Your Clinician may provide you with a potential diagnosis and direct you to  an area of the website which may provide you with specific information.

 Follow the link below to access their website :



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