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Maternity Services

A pregnant woman holds a pink paper heart in front of her tummy.
Maternity services update, 31st March 2022

We are pleased to confirm we are resuming the home birth service following an improvement in the maternity staffing situation.

As you may be aware, the Welsh Government moved Wales to Alert Level 0 from Friday 28th January due to reducing rates of Covid-19 in our communities.

We are delighted to announce we are in a position to introduce the first step of resuming our maternity services to their pre-pandemic position.

From today, home labour assessments and home births will be available for women. Our community midwifery teams will deliver the service, as they have always done.

Follow this link for contact details for each community midwife team.

We will continue to monitor midwifery staffing levels on a daily basis during the next few months, although we currently predict that the possibility of disruption to service is low.

Before we experienced the recent maternity staffing issues, there were rare occasions when we could not support a homebirth due to various factors related to the service.

Should a short term issue arise, we would expect any future temporary suspension of the homebirth service to be short lived lasting hours rather than days.

If there are any concerns around staffing on the day you go into labour, and you are planning a home birth, our midwives will be able to discuss this, and explain your alternative choice.

The reintroduction of services at Neath Port Talbot Birth Centre remains a priority, but at this time is not a safe possibility. We have action plans in place and will bring you news of the reopening as this develops.

In the meantime, remember that our Alongside Midwifery Unit (The Bay Birth Unit), is open 24-7.

The Bay Birth Unit follows the same model of midwifery led care as home and freestanding midwifery unit, and is an option for many women.

More information about this choice of birth setting is available by following this link to the Bay Birth Unit webpage.

We would like to thank all the families who have been affected by the restrictions of the pandemic.

We understand our service restrictions have undoubtedly had a big impact on your maternity journey and we thank you for your understanding and patience.

The date of the next review will be Thursday 28th April 2022.

See below for further information and useful links.

COVID-19 VISITING UPDATE: Please note our rules regarding hospital visits have changed. For the latest guidance on our visiting regulations, please visit this page. 


Please avoid using our canteens at present. There are vending machines available on our sites if you need refreshments.

Please note that SBUHB supports a zero tolerance stance for any abusive behaviour towards staff due to variances in visiting guidance for different patient groups.

Community Midwifery Teams

Follow this link to the Community Midwifery Teams webpage for contact details and more information. 


We're here to help

Expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet? Congratulations!

You are embarking on one of life's great journeys. But while this can be a wonderful time, it is natural to feel some worry and uncertainty about what's to come.

Here at Swansea Bay University Health Board we will give you the information and support you need to make the right decision about where you choose to give birth.

We know that where and how you give birth can have a huge effect on you mentally and physically. If you feel safe and calm this will release hormones which will help your labour progress and provide powerful pain relief.

The time after birth is also crucial to your welfare and your baby's. 

Our midwife-led birth centres provide a home-from-home environment which allows you and, if you wish, your partner to enjoy those first precious moments with your new baby safe in the knowledge that our staff are on hand to provide support. We even have double beds and encourage partners to stay.

However, you may wish to give birth at home and we can support this.

Equally, if you or baby need extra clinical support, we have an obstetric unit at Singleton Hospital which is staffed by doctors and midwives. 

See below for more information.

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